Cleaning Myths Debunked

1/15/20241 min read

When it comes to cleaning our homes, we all want to do it right. But with so many tips and tricks out there, it's hard to know what to believe. That's why we're here to debunk some of the most common cleaning myths, ensuring your home care routine is based on facts, not fiction.

  1. Vinegar Cleans Everything

    Truth: Vinegar is a natural cleaning agent, but it's not a universal cleaner. While great for glass or countertops, it can damage natural stone surfaces like granite or marble. Its acidic nature can etch the surface, leading to permanent damage.

  2. Feather Dusters are Great for Dusting
    Truth: Feather dusters might look effective, but they often just spread dust around. Instead, use a microfiber cloth. These cloths trap dust particles instead of resettling them elsewhere.

  3. More Detergent Means Cleaner Clothes
    Truth: Using too much detergent can actually be counterproductive. Excess soap can build up in your clothes and washing machine, leading to mold growth and less effective cleaning. Stick to the recommended amount.

  4. You Can't Mix Cleaning Products for Better Results
    Truth: You should be very careful mixing cleaning products. Some combinations, like bleach and ammonia, can be dangerous. Always read labels and follow safety guidelines.

  5. Newspapers are the Best for Cleaning Windows
    Truth: While newspapers can be used for cleaning windows, they're not necessarily the best option. They can leave ink residue behind. A squeegee or a microfiber cloth with glass cleaner will give you streak-free windows.

Knowing the truth behind these cleaning myths can make a big difference in your home care routine. Ready to give your home the professional care it deserves? Reach out to Lye Intl Cleaning for expert cleaning services tailored to your needs. Let's bust those dirt and grime myths together!