Embrace Freshness with Chinese New Year Cleaning

1/6/20241 min read

As the Chinese New Year approaches, homes are abuzz with the tradition of "Sweeping the Dust" – a deep clean signifying the sweeping away of bad luck and welcoming good fortune.

This ritual isn't just about physical cleanliness; it's about starting afresh, settling old scores, and preparing for a year of prosperity and positivity. Deep cleaning before the New Year is crucial in Chinese culture. It's a time to declutter, wipe down every corner, and ensure that your space is ready to embrace good luck. Remember, cleaning on the first day of the New Year is taboo, as it's believed to sweep away the incoming luck.

Once your home is spotless, adorn it with red decorations and auspicious symbols to invite even more good fortune. Open windows to let the fresh breeze carry in positivity and hope for the coming year.

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